Sample Post With Comment

Sample Post With Comment
I don't want no part of yo tight-ass country club, ya freak bitch! Say something that will terrify me. Lindsay: F*** me. Tobias: No, that didn't do it. So, what do you say? We got a basket full of father-son fun here. What's Kama Sutra oil? Maybe it's not for us.

I don't want no part of yo' tight-ass country club, ya freak bitch! Well, OK, have sex with this girl. Right now. Get in there, have some sex with her.

We need a name. Maybe 'Operation Hot Mother'. Let me out that Queen. You boys know how to shovel coal? They don't allow you to have bees in here.

Obviously this blue part here is the land. No, I was ashamed to be SEEN with you. I like being with you. Ohhh little guy. The tears aren't coming. The tears just aren't coming. Mr. Zuckerkorn, you've been warned about touching. You said spanking. Well, yeah you've gotta lock that down.

It's a jetpack, Michael. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, ten dollars? Oh, yeah, the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in 3 months. Come on! You need to do more with Rita. Believe me, I'd like to. I'm not a prostitute. Michael: Then I shall let you live! What's gotten into you? Have you been eating cheese? Hahahahah! Heart attack never stopped old big bear.

And I wouldn't just lie there, if that's what you're thinking. That's not what I WAS thinking. Oh, COME ON! I want to cry so bad, but I don't think I can spare the moisture.

Am I in two thirds of a hospital room? Oh…yeah…the guy in the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. Come on! You're Killing Me, Buster. Got a big ass room at the travelodge. What a fun, sexy time for you.

I hate the Wetlands. They're stupid and wet, and there are bugs everywhere, and I think I maced a crane. You just made a fool out of yourself in front of T-Bone. Whenever she'd change clothes, she'd make me wait on the balcony until zip-up, and yet anything goes at bath time. Annhog's coming? Everything they do is so dramatic and flamboyant. It just makes me want to set myself on fire. - Lucille Bluth. She keeps saying that God is going to show me a sign. The… something of my ways. Wisdom? Get rid of the Seaward. Lucille: I'll leave when I'm good and ready. Ah coodle doodle doo, ah coodle doodle doo.

Everybody dance… NOW. Oh, hi, Mom. I have the afternoon free. Really? Did "nothing" cancel? We'll have to find something to do so that people can look at you without wanting to kill themselves. This show was cancelled. I mean, COME ON.

I should be in this Poof. I'm a complete failure. I can't even fake the death of a stripper. Are all the guys in here… you know? George Sr.: No, not all of them. Barry: Yeah. It's never the ones you hope. Boy, I sure feel like a Mary without a Peter and a Paul.